Who I Knew

by Milo McMahon

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released July 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Milo McMahon Montreal, Québec

Montreal based singer/songwriter and guitarist.

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Track Name: All Or Nothing
Well I knew there was another
When we started out
it was the elephant in the cupboard
we never talked about

You must have pretty thick skin
but I ain't gonna share you with him

So we carried along
like we were Bonnie & Clyde
Actin' like
there was nothing we should hide
To be in need of love ain't no sin
but I ain't gonna share you with him

And I know it ain't fair
'cause I said I didn't care
but I ain't gonna share you with him

and I know it ain't right
for me to be like this tonight
to be in need of love ain't no sin
but I ain't gonna share you with him.
Track Name: Caveman
I got it all wrong with you

10,000 years ago, BC
There lived a Caveman
just like me
He was frightened to approach her
for fear of what she'd see

And all the village folk
would stop and stare
With no lives of their own
it's no wonder that they care

They wanna see you fall

But I've got my wits
and I've got my spear
I'm gonna hunt ya down
You better live in fear

I know this forest like the back of my hand
You better live in fear

I wanna go home
Track Name: Breeze
When I find you
I won't let go
And when you see me
you'll know
'cause I wear my heart up on my sleeve
and you're
a breeze

If you teach me
how to handle
your heart like
it's a candle
I won't blow it out but
I'll fan the flame
when you're

Floating out to sea
and all the waves
are crashing down on me
and if the sky falls tonight
I'll be the man with the golden heart

So if ever you're under the weather
I'll bring you soup to your bedside
and I'll write poetry so you can see
the type of man that I can be
when inspiration's biting me again
and again and again and again

I'm a piece and you're a puzzle
but I want piece and you want trouble
so I'm fallin' down upon my knees
and you're
a breeze
Track Name: Who I Knew
Wakin' up in the morning
is going to be rough
Without any warning
you've gotten tough
But you were there when I passed out
and I hope you're there when I

On the other side of the rainbow
there's a pot of gold
So I'm told,
so I'm told
But the
grass is always greener
when you've just seen her floatin' by
she's so high

But wakin' up in the morning
there's a feeling that I just can't relate
when without warning
she stumbles and I just hesitate
but the feeling
is mutual
we're so predictable

Rub my eyes as I sunrise and I
feel the breeze as I fall from trees and how
looking back on a photograph is like
swimming in a perfect past
and if I told you once, I told you twice
it can't look so mean
but feel so nice
and if I told you once
I told you
You're not who I knew
you're not who I knew
You're not who I knew
you're not who I knew

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